Hi everyone! Today I decided to write an article in english. So you're gonna to tell me every time you change the language of your article but why not ? I thing it's a good thing. So today I'm gonna to show you how to improve our marks at school. 

1/ the first things that I can tell you it's to review: everyday when you go back home, learn and review your lesson. So that the day before the evaluation you don't stress at all!

2/intellectual curiosity: do not tell you : Oh that it will not give us about it ! Not bother to learn it! NO NO NO you have to learn all the tings!

3/ to rest the day before the exam: The day before the exam I think you don't have to review anything if you do a good review the day before!

so that's all I  hope that my article was be good for you and i'll promise you I'll  use google traduction juste for 2 world :)